Stewart Glapat Corporation

Adjustoveyor Lubrication


Lubrication points on the conveyor are confined to:

1.Pillow block, take-up, and flange bearings holding the main pulley assemblies.
2. Cam rollers and cam followers for guiding and supporting the booms as they extend and retract.

Each bearing has its own grease fitting and is accessible from either the front, rear or each side of the conveyor section. In order to lubricate the rear cam rolls and followers, the rear cover of the machine must be removed. All greasable joints have standard grease fittings and can be reached from one of the above locations.


The following grease lubrications are recommended for use with the grease gun for lubricating ball bearings.

Texaco Oil Co., Marfak_Multi_Purpose_2
Master Lubricants Co., Lubriko,_M-21
Imperial Oil, Ltd., Andok_280
Shell Oil Co., Nerita_#2
Standard Oil Co., (Ind.), Amolith_#1
Sun Oil Co., Sunoco_844-X
Socony-Mobil Co., Inc., Mobilux_#2
Keystone Lubricating Co., Keystone_44H
Atlantic Refining Co., Atlantic_#54

For the gear box on the drive unit, use Texaco Multigear Lubricate EP-85W-140 or equivalent. Weather conditions and temperature ranges may change this rating. To lubricate the roller chain drive, use any automotive SAE-10 lubricating oil.