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General Specification Guidelines

​Please note that the above models are illustrative. Our modular designs can provide the exact dimensions for your application. Models come in all possible belt widths.

Use single and double boom units for smaller metropolitan delivery vans or over-the-road tandem trailers.

Use triple boom units for standard 53' trailer loading/unloading.

Use four and five boom units for limited dock space and long trailers, or where unit setback from the dock is required.

For the majority of warehouse operations, the choice of a large triple boom Adjustoveyor (indicated in the model number by the letter T) provides the best value and service for the client. This model is the ideal solution when loading or unloading 53' trailers.  

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When heavy unit loads are to be conveyed, the Adjustoveyor outperforms any competitor's unit on the market today. Our structure does not use formed steel sides, but structural steel channels which combined with our eight-point suspension system, give the Adjustoveyor the highest live load rating in the industry. Our standard design can fully extend into a fifty-three foot trailer and can easily convey 100 pounds per lineal foot at a wide range of belt speeds.