- Outbound Double Boom Adjustoveyor to be used in conjunction with a high-speed sorter 

- Packages maintain a consistent flow and conveyor does not touch the floor of the truck
- Movement is not dependent on gravity and truck can be loaded at any angle
- Safer and more ergonomic for employees
- Indexing feature increases productivity and significantly reduces product loss and damage; additionally, indexing allows a single employee to work multiple doors
- Low overall cost of ownership, minimal maintenance required, and decades-long productive life

* For pricing, email David Stewart at dstewart@adjustoveyor.com  


You no longer have to trade off sound ergonomics with full cube loads. The Man-on-Board Adjustoveyor will lift your Operator to a comfortable working height in handling conveyable freight near the roof of the trailer. Cartons of all sizes, tires, sacks, and steel drums can be safely and efficiently loaded or unloaded from over-the-road vehicles. The Four-Boom Adjustoveyor can easily handle the cantilevered load and the platform provides a steady work area for the Operator. All motions are push-button controlled and the Operator has full control of the platform throughout the vehicle. The Adjustoveyor can be a fixed position design to service a designated door or can be mounted on a powered undercarriage to allow it to traverse along the dock to multiple door locations. The ability to fully cube out a trailer, which results in substantial savings in freight costs, will create a rapid payback for the capital investment.

The structural rigidity of the Adjustoveyor allows the Operator to move across the width of the trailer without causing a torsional tilt of the conveyor. The elevation of the Adjustoveyor is controlled by two hydraulic lift cylinders and the Operator can move across the trailer and elevate to provide improved ergonomics and productivity.  An automatic leveling device maintains a level platform without Operator intervention. A manual mode is also provided for leveling. Microprocessors, variable frequency drives, and Category 3 Safety circuits are provided to fully integrate the control of the Man-On-Board Adjustoveyor. Microprocessors, variable frequency drives, and Category 3 Safety circuits are provided to fully integrate the control of the Man-On-Board Adjustoveyer.


​* For pricing, email David Stewart at dstewart@adjustoveyor.com 


- At the front end of the Adjustoveyor, a Stacker section can be mounted which pivots to provide a variety of working heights inside the trailer. 

- The Stacker can be raised up and down using push-button control 

- Ensures a smooth, and ergonomic product transition from the truck to the conveyor  


- Decreases the range of motion for the operator of the conveyor  

​* For pricing, email David Stewart at dstewart@adjustoveyor.com 

Stewart Glapat Extendable Conveyor



Stewart Glapat extendable conveyor

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