The tradition continues

​​The late Charles Stewart, Sr., founded this company on the principles of innovation and value to the customer. He designed and built the first extendable conveyor in 1946, and the concept has stood the test of time as a proven contributor to material handling productivity. The Adjustoveyor has always been the product line for Stewart Glapat, not an afterthought or an item to "fill out a line" as has been the case for other firms. All of our efforts have been concentrated on the continued improvement of this concept and the applications have proliferated throughout the material handling industry.

Stewart Glapat is a family-owned and operated business where traditional values prevail. We have worked hard to develop an organization which can respond to the needs of our customers in a manner which surpasses any competition. When an extendable conveyor leaves our plant, it carries our family name and reputation with it. Our business has grown as a result of the long stream of successful applications of our telescopic conveyors in the industry. We intend to continue this growth based on the premise that each and every customer must be satisfied and must enjoy the full economic benefit of this material handling technology.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Stewart Glapat Corporation to establish, maintain and improve internal processes and controls to provide products of the highest quality and which meet or exceed all applicable requirements and customer expectations at a competitive price and with timely delivery. This policy is achieved through customer focus, understanding of all requirements, continuous improvement and employee empowerment, training and teamwork. Management is committed to continually improving the quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction.


ISO Standard Certificate
ISO Auditor Seal