For immediate assistance any week day from 8 am - 4pm (EST), call our office at 740-452-3601. For after-hours emergency support, please refer to the decal on your equipment or the manual for additional contact information.

Adjustoveyor Replacement Parts

The replacement parts list section of the product manual Stewart Glapat ships to you describes the mechanical and electrical parts contained within the Extendable Conveyor. The parts lists are arranged by major areas, and each list includes the part name, a technical description of the part and complete ordering information. In order to best fit our customers’ needs, we custom build each conveyor; because of this, no specific spare parts list can be included with this general manual. Further details on spare parts for your specific conveyor can be found in the Hard Copy of your manual or by contacting Stewart Glapat.

There may be a cost involved in replacing spare parts depending on the warranty and age of your machine.

You may order replacement parts by calling (740) 452-3601 or Online Request.