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Adjustoveyor Troubleshooting

This section of the manual contains troubleshooting procedures to be followed to isolate failures and/or malfunctioning components to the degree necessary to allow the failure to be repaired and the system brought back to operational status. The philosophy of maintenance for the Conveyor is structured around the Preventive Maintenance instructions.

Although failures and malfunctions may occur at any time, the frequency of unscheduled maintenance can be minimized if the preventive maintenance schedule is maintained.

The troubleshooting procedures are presented in a tabular form and listed in a logical sequence by the most probable troubles.

Troubleshooting Table

This troubleshooting table lists the most common troubles that may occur to the Conveyor. The table also provides the probable causes of the troubles and the recommended remedies. Data contained in this table are general in nature and are intended to provide a standard approach to identifying and analyzing the most common troubles that may occur. It is recommended that this table be reviewed at the local level and expanded, if necessary, to include the results of local experience.

While troubleshooting, observe all normal precautions for safe guarding both personnel and equipment. THERE IS NEVER A NEED TO REACH UNDER OR INTO THE CONVEYOR WHEN THE BELT IS RUNNING. THE CONVEYOR MUST BE LOCKED OUT BEFORE ANY PART REPLACEMENT IS STARTED.

Extendable conveyor troubleshooting

Adjustoveyor Troubleshooting
TroubleProbable CauseCorrection
Conveyor appears inoperative; operating controls not functioning properly.Circuit breaker on Master Control Panel not “ON”.Place Master Control Circuit to “ON” position.
Power not applied to Master. Control Panel from Loading Dock Power Source.Check source input voltage to Conveyor.
Circuit breaker on Master Control Panel will not stay “ON”, breaker constantly “trips”.Short circuit in electrical system.Isolate short circuit and repair electrical system.