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Chains and Sprokets

Chains and Sprokets
TroubleProbable CauseCorrection
Abnormal wear to chain.Excessive chain tension.[LOCK OUT UNIT.] Loosen bolts and reposition sprockets. Align sprockets and tighten down if needed.
Sprockets misaligned.Loosen sprockets on shafts and realign with straight edge across sprocket faces.
Damaged sprocket or drive chain.Replace damaged component. Check tension and sprocket alignment.
Excessive noise from chain and sprocket and/or pulsating chain.Insufficient chain tensionUse idler sprocket take-up adjustment. Tension on both sides equally.
Overload.Inspect for obstruction to or excessive drag on Conveyor.
Broken Chain.Frozen shaft or sprocket.Inspect for damaged bearings; replace as required. Check shafts for straightness. Replace chain as required.
Worn or damaged chain.Replace entire chain as required. Attempt to find cause of wear (misalignment, etc.) in order to correct.
Sprocket loose on shaft.Loose set screws.Realign sprockets with straight edge and tighten setscrews.
Worn or damaged key.Replace with new key. Inspect for damage to key seat on shaft and in sprocket hub.
Excessive slack chain.Normal wear.Expect rapid chain growth in first two weeks of operation. Loosen mounting bolts and reposition sprocket take-up.
Abnormal wear.Check chain tension. Adjust as required.