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Conveyor Belt

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Belt Tensioning and Tracking

Video clip showing the recommended procedures for tracking and tensioning an Adjustoveyor by Stewart Glapat.

Conveyor Belt
TroubleProbable CauseCorrection
(BI-DIRECTIONAL SWITCH OPTIONAL) Belt cannot be operated, in either direction, from any of the control stations.Fuse F1 (Control Trans) blown.Replace Fuse F1 on Master Control Panel.
Belt overload relay tripped or defective.Reset or replace belt overload relay.
Object sitting on load roller (if supplied).Remove object sitting on load roller.
Defective motor starter.Replace motor starter.
Defective motor.Replace motor.
Chain Drive broken.Repair or replace chain drive.
Defective power cable or cable reel.Repair or replace cable or reel. Locate problem area first.
Conveyor belt cannot be operated from a single station, operation from other stations appear normal.Defective belt “START” pushbutton switchReplace defective belt “START” pushbutton switch
Defective control circuit wiringRepair or replace control circuit wiring as necessary.
Conveyor belt will operate in one direction only from any of the control stations.Defective LOAD-UNLOAD switch.Replace LOAD-UNLOAD switch.
Defective Reversing Motor Starter.Replace Reversing Motor Starter.