For immediate assistance any week day from 8 am - 4pm (EST), call our office at 740-452-3601. For after-hours emergency support, please refer to the decal on your equipment or the manual for additional contact information.


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Lockout Tagout Procedure

Video showing the proper lockout tagout procedure on our Adjustoveyor units.

TroubleProbable CauseCorrection
(1) Conveyor appears inoperative; operating controls not functioning properly.a. Circuit breaker on Master Control Panel not "ON.Place Master Control circuit breaker to "ON" position.
b. Power not applied to Master Control Panel from Dock Power Source.Check source input voltage to Loading conveyor.
(2) Circuit breaker on Master Control Panel. will not stay "ON" breaker constantly trips".Short circuit in electrical system.Isolate short circuit and repair electrical system.