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Telescoping Boom

NEVER attempt to retract boom by pushing on the end of the extended boom. Doing so can result in chain breakage or other serious damage.

If the booms must be retracted without use of the boom drive unit, the following procedure must be followed: [LOCK OUT UNIT.]

  1. Disconnect and remove drive chain from boom chain drive unit in fixed section.

  2. Using a suitable wrench, rotate shaft with large drive sprocket to retract boom

  3. After boom has been retracted, replace drive chain and re-connect.

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Retraction Issues

Troubleshooting video showing the recommended procedure to remedy issues with the extension/retraction (in/out) of an Adjustoveyor unit.

Telescoping Boom
TroubleProbable CauseCorrection
Telescoping Boom will not operate (extend or retract) from any of the control stations.Blown fuse F1 (control transformer) in Master Control Panel.Replace fuse on Master Control Panel
Boom overload relay tripped or defective.Reset or Replace boom overload relay.
Defective motor starter.Replace motor starter.
Defective motor.Replace motor.
Chain drive broken.Repair or replace chain drive.
Telescoping boom will not operate from a single control station; operation from other stations appear normal.Defective EXTEND or RETRACT pushbutton switchReplace defective pushbutton switch.
Defective control circuit wiring.Repair or replace pushbutton switch.
Telescoping boom will operate in one direction only, from all of the control stations.Defective motor starter.Replace motor starter.
Defective limit switch.Replace limit switch.
Only the largest, or largest and second largest booms extend; other sections do not extend.Drive chain and/or chain anchors broken or disconnected on both sides of one boom.Repair and/or replace defective chain, brackets, or attachments.